Official Website for the Government of Antigua and Barbuda
31.    Accounting for our Stewardship
Posted On: April 1, 2014
Fellow Antiguans, Barbudans and Residents, Good evening. I am compelled to commence my address to you this evening by recalling to mind a segment of the preamble to the UPP’s 2009 Budget State... {Read More}
32.    Modernising civil service management
Posted On: March 31, 2014
As Government continues its public sector transformation agenda there is a heavy focus on training for public servants. The new economy and a modernised way of delivering public services necessitat... {Read More}
33.    Another vendor joins the people's benefit programme in Barbuda
Posted On: March 28, 2014
In 2009, the Government of Antigua and Barbuda in collaboration with PDV Caribe Antigua & Barbuda Limited (PDVCAB) launched the People’s Benefit Programme (PBP) to benefit disabled and eco... {Read More}
34.    National NODS to intensify its hazard awareness and training programme
Posted On: March 28, 2014
Over the next couple of months, the National Office of Disaster Services (NODS) will intensify its hazard awareness and training programme following a region-wide tsunami exercise held Wednesday 26t... {Read More}
35.    Antigua and Barbuda one step closer to realizing national anti-drug strategy
Posted On: March 28, 2014
The Office of National Drug and Money Laundering Control Policy (ONDCP) is pleased to announce the completion of the Information Needs and Resource Analysis (INRA) Report commissioned by the Organiz... {Read More}
36.    Attorney General Justin L. Simon QC on the issue of elections in Antigua and Barbuda
Posted On: March 27, 2014
Citizens and Residents of Antigua and Barbuda: Much has been said about the timing of the next general elections by both political parties. There has also been a call from the Opposition Labour Par... {Read More}
37.    Delivering healthcare to the doorsteps of the people
Posted On: March 26, 2014
Every month upwards of 5000 persons are accessing free healthcare services in their communities. Currently a network of twenty-eight medical clinics offer a wide range of healthcare services on site... {Read More}
38.    Medical Clinics get Technology boost
Posted On: March 26, 2014
Physicians working in community clinics around the Nation have begun utilizing high speed computers and high speed Internet Access. The Ministry of Telecommunications is deploying computerized hard... {Read More}
39.    Antigua sailing week: United Nations
Posted On: March 25, 2014
Antigua Sailing Week can be considered one of the world's most international regattas. Of the 73 entries so far, an astonishing 21 different countries are represented. From outside the Caribbean, th... {Read More}
40.    ABIA Encourages Green Businesses to Apply for Grant Funding
Posted On: March 25, 2014
The Antigua & Barbuda Investment Authority (ABIA) encourages entrepreneurs interested in green businesses and technologies to take advantage of the Caribbean Climate Innovation Center’s (C... {Read More}