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1.    Media Statement By Honourable Melford Nicholas Minister of Information, Broadcasting, Telecommunications & Information Technology
Posted On: May 23, 2015
Good day. I am obliged to make this public appearance to bring some clarity to an issue that has been affecting the staff and operations here at ABS within recent weeks. I think that the backdrop of... {Read More}
2.    Ambassador-designate of Antigua and Barbuda to the Republic of Cuba presents Letters of Credence
Posted On: May 23, 2015
On Friday morning, Ambassador-designate to the Republic of Cuba presented Letters of Credence to the Vice President of the State Council of the Republic of Cuba, Her Excellency Gladys Bejerano Portela... {Read More}
3.    Constantinian Orderís $4.6million charitable engagement in Antigua and Barbuda progressing well
Posted On: May 23, 2015
Following the launch of the charitable projects in Antigua and Barbuda, the Roman Catholic Diocese of St John’s-Basseterre has formally reported to the Grand Magistry of the Sacred Military Cons... {Read More}
4.    Ministers Samatha Marshall and Arthur Nibbs to collaborate on Agriculture
Posted On: May 23, 2015
Governor General of Antigua and Barbuda, Sir Rodney Williams on Friday morning delivered Instruments of Appointment to the Honourable Samantha Marshall, appointing her as Minister of State with respon... {Read More}
5.    Lovell dealt severe defeat in High Court- $1.2 Million dollars of taxpayers money saved
Posted On: May 22, 2015
In his first public act since gaining the leadership of the Opposition United Progressive Party, Mr. Harold Lovell representing Dame Louise Lake-Tack in Her Excellency’s inflated claim for gratu... {Read More}
6.    PM Browne tells CDB Governors to Address Challenges now to consolidate gains and secure future
Posted On: May 21, 2015
Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda the Hon. Gaston Browne has told his colleague governors of the Caribbean Development Bank that there are challenges that need addressing as a matter of urgency if... {Read More}
7.    Emergency Medical Services donates an AED device to government house
Posted On: May 21, 2015
 Government House was the recipient of an automated external defibrillator or heart resuscitation machine from the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Department in the Ministry of Health.  Ma... {Read More}
8.    Foreign Affairs Minister participates in the OECS Council of Ministers of Foreign Affairs Inaugural Meeting
Posted On: May 20, 2015
The Hon. Charles Fernandez, Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Trade of Antigua and Barbuda joins with his colleague Foreign Affairs Ministers of the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean State... {Read More}
9.    Education Minister Michael Browne to present nation's Position on Gender Equity in Education at World Education Forum
Posted On: May 20, 2015
Education and Science and Technology Minister the Hon. Michael Browne will on Wednesday present Antigua and Barbuda’s position on Gender Equity in Education at the World Education Foru... {Read More}
10.    Prime Minister Browne attends CDB Board of Governors Meeting in St. Kitts and Nevis
Posted On: May 20, 2015
Prime Minister the Hon. Gaston Browne left the country on Tuesday for Saint Kitts and Nevis for the 45th Annual Meeting of the Caribbean Development Bank’s (CDB) Board of Governors taking p... {Read More}
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