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1.    ICT Education Policy
Posted On: March 26, 2014
The Ministry of Education, Sports, Youth & Gender Affairs is delighted to present this ICT policy which articulates our vision for integrating ICTs across all levels of education in Antigua and Ba... {Read More}
2.    National Student Loan Fund Informational Brochure and Application Form
Posted On: March 4, 2014
National Student Loan Fund (NSLF) Application form National Student Loan Fund (NSLF) Informational Brochure... {Read More}
3.    Special Educational Needs (SEN) Code of Practice and Policy
Posted On: February 18, 2014
In keeping with the requirements of the Education Act 2008, Division 4, Sections 83 – 86, the Ministry of Education has embarked on formal provision for special education programmes in schools i... {Read More}
4.    Building a New Economy for Growth and Prosperity-Budget Speech 2014
Posted On: January 23, 2014
2014 Budget Statement: Delivered by: Hon. Harold E. Lovell Minister of Finance, the Economy, Public Administration, and Public Broadcasting and Information Government of Antigua and Barbuda ... {Read More}
5.    Speech from the Throne 2014
Posted On: January 21, 2014
BUILDING A NEW SOCIETY of Growth and Opportunity   Speech from the Throne 2014 Sixth Session of Parliament Tuesday, January 21, 2014 Download PDF copy here  ............................ {Read More}
6.    ABEC List of Electors (that cannot be reached)
Posted On: January 20, 2014
The Antigua and Barbuda Electoral Commission needs the following people to come to our headquarters on Queen Elizabeth Highway as soon as possible.  Our hours of operation are 8:30am-4:30pm For... {Read More}
7.    Tourism Statistical Bulletin for the Second Quarter Final of 2013
Posted On: January 8, 2014
Clik below to read publication   ... {Read More}
8.    Enterprise Achievement Challenge (EACH) Application Form
Posted On: November 11, 2013
Government in collaboration with Petro Caribe Antigua and Barbuda Limited, will introduce in the coming weeks an Enterprise Achievement Challenge (EACH) programme that will target non-skilled to lo... {Read More}
9.    ABEC Registration Requirements
Posted On: October 7, 2013
The Antigua and Barbuda Electoral Commission is currently carrying out registration in all constituencies from 7am-7pm.   For more information call 764-9022. If you were born in Antigua an... {Read More}
10.    BrightPath Mobile Workshop Brochure
Posted On: October 3, 2013
The BrightPath Mobile App Workshop for Antigua & Barbuda offers participants a chance to discover the exciting world of mobile app development and gain skills needed for digital content creation... {Read More}
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