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1.    Relief for ABST Registrants with outstanding debts to the Inland Revenue Department (IRD)
Posted On: July 17, 2014
 The Ministry of Finance announces the first of its “Fresh Start Initiative” through the Inland Revenue Department (IRD).   Under this initiative, the IRD will waive all penalt... {Read More}
2.    2014 Call for Proposals Community-based Sub-Projects for the Unemployed
Posted On: July 15, 2014
The Labour Department Technical Unit announces its first Call for Proposals under its Temporary Employment Programme. The Unit is inviting statutory bodies and civil society organizations workin... {Read More}
3.    Polling stations and counting centres
Posted On: June 10, 2014
See below a list of polling stations and counting centres.   ... {Read More}
4.    Schedule for Distribution of Voter Identification Cards
Posted On: May 19, 2014
The Antigua and Barbuda Electoral Commission will begin the distribution of voter identification cards on Wednesday, May 21.  Individuals will be able to collect their cards from 8am-6pm on wee... {Read More}
5.    Nomination Day Venues
Posted On: May 16, 2014
Nomination Day is on May 21st 2014. See below a list of Nomination Day Venues. NOMINATION DAY VENUES   CONSTITUENCY ... {Read More}
6.    Antigua and Barbuda 2011 Population and Housing Census
Posted On: May 2, 2014
The Statistics Division is pleased to release the final results of the 2011 Population and Housing Census, a major source of demographic and socio-economic statistics for Antigua and Barbuda. In fact,... {Read More}
7.    ICT Education Policy
Posted On: March 26, 2014
The Ministry of Education, Sports, Youth & Gender Affairs is delighted to present this ICT policy which articulates our vision for integrating ICTs across all levels of education in Antigua and Ba... {Read More}
8.    Special Educational Needs (SEN) Code of Practice and Policy
Posted On: February 18, 2014
In keeping with the requirements of the Education Act 2008, Division 4, Sections 83 – 86, the Ministry of Education has embarked on formal provision for special education programmes in schools i... {Read More}
9.    Building a New Economy for Growth and Prosperity-Budget Speech 2014
Posted On: January 23, 2014
2014 Budget Statement: Delivered by: Hon. Harold E. Lovell Minister of Finance, the Economy, Public Administration, and Public Broadcasting and Information Government of Antigua and Barbuda ... {Read More}
10.    Speech from the Throne 2014
Posted On: January 21, 2014
BUILDING A NEW SOCIETY of Growth and Opportunity   Speech from the Throne 2014 Sixth Session of Parliament Tuesday, January 21, 2014 Download PDF copy here  ............................ {Read More}
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