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PM Browne Congratulates Acting Commissioner of Police

Prime Minister the Hon. Gaston Browne has once again articulated his government’s stance on crime in the state of Antigua and Barbuda.

During his closing presentation on the 2015 Budget, Prime Minister Browne says that with a new Acting Commissioner at the helm of the Royal Police Force of Antigua and Barbuda, his government expects to see a marked reduction in crime, particularly gun related crimes and incidences of rape.

“My government has laid out a clear and concise crime fighting plan and we expect that the police force, in collaboration with the other crime fighting agencies will utilize it fully.  Antiguans and Barbudans are weary of the rise in crime and my government is determined to remedy the situation,” noted PM Browne.

Speaking to Prime Minister Browne over the weekend, Acting Commissioner of Police Wendell Robinson, advised the country’s leader that he is committed to the task and will do everything within his power to ensure that all arms of the force work to accomplish this mission.

He also thanked Prime Minister Browne for the confidence expressed in him and he is determined to make a change within the operations of the institution.  He said that he is honoured to give of his service in this new capacity, having served in several other positions within the force for the past twenty years.

Prime Minister Browne in commending Acting Commissioner Robinson on his new position, said that he expects Acting Commissioner Robinson to marshall the team into one cohesive and effective unit.  “We have given an opportunity to those who make crime their business to turn a new page, however those who persist will feel the full force of the law,” Prime Minister Browne outlined.

Acting Commissioner Robinson assumed the position over a week ago, following the suspension of Commissioner of Police Vere Browne.