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Antiguan physician award top mathematics students

Dr. Noel and Director of Education Jacintha Pringle
Dr. Noel and Director of Education Jacintha Pringle
Antiguan physician, Dr. Noel Howell, who resides in New York, fulfilled his commitment to award top mathematics students in public schools for their outstanding performance in the 2013 Grade 6 National Assessment.  Nine outstanding public school students were awarded with a bank account of $500.00 each.  These accounts were opened on behalf of the students at CIBC First Caribbean Bank.

This new Math award he is establishing with the Ministry of Education is an attempt to encourage young people to strive for excellence in mathematics. Two years ago, while Dr. Howell was working as a consultant to the Mathematics Competition in Jamaica, he came up with the idea when he came across the staggering statistics of the number of students failing Math in his home country, Antigua.

In 2008, after his mother died from breast cancer, Dr. Howell established the Louisa Howell Scholarship Fund. Students from the United States, Jamaica, and Antigua have been awarded scholarships through this fund.

The Ministry of Education thanks Dr. Howell for his contribution to Education in Antigua and Barbuda.