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Double win for Tian Winter at Party Monarch Competition

Tian Winter dominated at the Antigua Recreation Ground on Saturday night, capturing both the Groovy and Jumpy monarch crowns.

The now three times Party Monarch winner, proved to his fans and the audience that when put to the test he is able to deliver a good production and energetic performance.

Tian took the Groovy crown from  Claudette “CP” Peters with “Cya Fail Me” and Jumpy from Hard Knaxx with “Raving”. For more photos Click Here.

In the Groovy segment CP was first runner up and Ricardo Drue was second.

In Jumpy Ricardo Drue placed first runner up and Natural Rampler was second runner up.

A voice like liquid velvet, a sweet and equally unarming disposition and a 1,000 megawatt smile are some of the ways to describe Tian.

Tian came of age in the Party Monarch arena with songs for the ladies and lyrical tips for men to raise their game. In short order, he has been able to rise to the top in the soca arena as the Jumpy and Groovy Monarch, and solidify his place as one of Antigua’s preeminent entertainers.