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A Caribbean State of Mind

You know, some things in life just demand a second act. Take my travel to Antigua/Barbuda--I was fortunate enough to come here a few months ago on a travel writing assignment and here I am back again shooting a special episode of Northeast Liivng!

I have been here since Monday, with the film crew, so we can highlight some of the many, many things these wonderful islands have to offer. Antigua/Barbuda have over 365 beaches--more than one for every day of the year--but that is just the beginning of what makes this destination so special.

The people, the scenery, the cuisine--wow, wow, wow!

And for every budget, as I have learned. We have been staying at gorgeous resorts as well--all the better to report on them, my friends--and packed every day with activities and sightseeing. Swimming with stingrays, zip lining through the rainforest (and screaming just a little bit), learning to dance Carnival-style (with a headdress on), and sampling lots and lots of delicious food.

This is definitely not a weight-loss holiday destination! But no complaints! Tomorrow I head to Barbuda by helicopter, will horseback ride along the beach, and take a catamaran back for a scenic re-entry into St.John's harbor.

More on that soon--but I wanted to bring you up to speed on what's happened so far; well, a little taste of it, anyway! Hopefully everyone will want me to return yet again. I have tried some new things this trip, and there are definitely lots of activities I wouldn't mind having a second act just for myself!