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Clarevue Hospital Receives Donation

Major telecommunications company Digicel donated $USD 50,000 to the Convalescence Male Ward of the Clarevue Psychiatric Hospital. The ward has been in need of repair for some time and extensive renovations are due to take place in order to make the unit more habitable.

The ward which has the ability to house thirty-two (32) patients will benefit from repairs made to the roof, internal and external walls and bathroom facilities. Floor tiles, beds and mattresses will also be removed and replaced.

Project Manager for Digicel, Orville Mathurin says “Mental health gets a bad stigma in this country and we felt that a project like this would bring about a positive light into mental health and into the hospital overall.”

Mathurin also spoke to the importance of bringing mental health into closer focus in the country as he feels more emphasis is placed on communicable diseases. He hopes that the renovation project to the ward will serve the dual purpose of spotlighting mental illness in the society as well as assisting the Clarevue Psychiatric Hospital with repairs.

Superintendent of Clarevue, Mr. Clarence Pilgrim says the management team [of the project] aims to make Clarevue Psychiatric Hospital the premier psychiatric institution in the Eastern Caribbean.

Digicel’s Project Manager Orville Mathurin along with a team of local contractors is set to begin work on the project as soon as approval for the plan is received from the Development Control Agency (DCA).  It is the intention to have the renovations complete by September, 2012.

The Clarevue Psychiatric Hospital is over sixty (60) years old and houses over one hundred male and female patients.