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Press Statement on the Recent Increase in Criminal Activity throughout the Rural South Community

In a recent home invasion in the Golden Grove Community, a youth was shot and seriously injured when he attempted to defend his mother who was being attacked by masked intruders.

The UPP Representative for the area, Sen. Hon. Winston Williams Jr., expressed shock and horror at the brazen and wanton disregard for the life and property of decent, hardworking residents in the Rural South Community.

Sen. Williams, who is presently off island, shared that he has however maintained close contact with the family and surrounding neighbours following the incident. Based on reports received, it would appear that the perpetrators may have also being involved in the poisoning of dogs in the area during the previous week. Neighbours also reported seeing strange individuals lurking in the area.

While there have been reports of masked intruders and increased break-ins throughout the St. John's Rural South area, this is the first in recent times where a resident has been shot. This is viewed as a serious development which must be taken seriously. 

Senator Williams affirmed that, in collaboration with the Minister of National Security, he intends to lead an aggressive crime prevention and awareness campaign in the community. In this regard, the Senator stated that he is in advanced discussions with the Hon. Dr. Errol Cort on a joint law enforcement and community approach which will be unveiled shortly.

In his message to the community, Senator Williams is advising all residents of St. John's Rural South to exercise extreme caution and greater vigilance in their day to day operations and in securing their properties. Residents are also being encouraged to call the nearest police station or the emergency crime hotlines to report any suspicious activities.

Senator Williams called for special prayer for the youth, who is so seriously injured, that arrangements are now being made to fly him abroad for specialized medical treatment.

The UPP Representative for the area also called on anyone with information on this heinous crime to report it to the relevant authorities so that the culprits can be brought to justice quickly.