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MSJMC Outpatient Clinic Hosts Teambuilding Event

MSJMC’s OutpatientClinic (OPC) hosts Boot Camp for Unit Clerks, Medical Records and OutpatientClinic members of staff. The one-day teambuilding event was hostedat the hospital. Staff members were assigned to different teams and participatedin a selection of indoor and outdoor teambuilding activities. Over 20 membersof staff were involved in the first-time teambuilding event, with each requiredto complete both the morning and afternoon sessions. The purpose of the event was tohelp the attendees network to improve communication, trust and team work.

Activities included presentations from the MSJMCHuman Resources Director, Charmaine Elien, the Director of Administration(oversees OPC), Gary Thomas, MSJMC’s Social Worker, Koren Norton and a formerpatient of the hospital, one of the highlights of the event. All the activitiesencouraged participants to discover how they and other team members respond andreact to different challenges, and therefore how they can adapt their behaviorto respond most appropriately to situations.

Outpatient ClinicSupervisor, Keri-Anne Bramble-Browne was responsible for organizing the BootCamp. She commented "This is one of the first official teambuildingexercises we have done for the Outpatient Clinic and yet there are already some subtledifferences I’ve seen which are amazing. I have seen difficult, challengingcharacters beginning to reflect on and amend their style.” She concludes;"It was important for me that the staff recognized their own selfawareness. Teamwork is important but we’re all as strong as our weakest link -So recognizing the “self” in team is crucial."

Based on the feedback from the attendees, I'm convinced thatthey understood the key messages of the presentations and the role-playexercises”, said Gary Thomas. “Some of those messages were: How they canachieve so much more if they work together, how important it is to support eachother and how their individual contribution adds value to the team's overallperformance – And if they’re getting and understandingthese messages then we’re on the right path. It means that they will now go onto transfer this learning back to the workplace.”

There were variousprizes which were issued for some of the activities. Sponsors of the Boot Campincluded: Pineapple Beach Resort (day-passes for the team who won some of theteambuilding exercises), Cool & Smooth (provided t-shirts for all theattendees), The Bargain Centre Supermarket (gift voucher), Galley Bay Resort,Photogenesis, Jolly Beach Resort & Spa and Chase Distributors.

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