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Korea And The Wider World Get A Peek Into The Magical Wonders Of Antigua And Barbuda

2012's World Expo is in full swing, and millions of visitors are being exposed to the twin island state, many for the first time.

Expo 2012, under the theme the living ocean and coast, seeks to be an opportunity for the international community to clearly understand the role of the ocean and coast as well as the challenges facing humanity caused by reckless development   along coastal areas and the indiscriminate use of marine resources.
Commissioner of Section of Antigua and Barbuda, Ms Madeline Blackman comments that "through the support of the Government of Antigua and Barbuda and that of the Republic of Korea, that thus far, the public’s response to the country's representation has been admirable. She further comments that “through participation, Antigua and Barbuda has favourably positioned itself to potentially attract opportunities for business and investments interests, and conservation assistance.    Antigua and Barbuda’s participation will raise awareness of its profile as a ship registry jurisdiction especially since South Korea is reputed to be one of the largest ship building nations in the world. We also intend to share with the people of the world our culture and way of life, especially during our planned Regional Day, when CARICOM participating countries will come together to produce a combined regional day for visiting CARICOM countries' dignitaries, Korean dignitaries and EXPO goers."

To ensure maximum exposure, the Expo Organizing Committee conducted a short Korean language training course for representatives of various countries.   This training in basic Korean has been beneficial in allowing for some measure of communication with the large number of Korean speaking visitors.

The World Expo 2012 runs from May 12 to August 12, 2012. Patrons overseas are able to engage in the cyber expo experience by visiting

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