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Age is Honor: Street Naming to Honor Centenarians

Freetown village on the south east coast of Antigua is home to one of the world’s super centenarians, an exclusive title awarded to persons who attain the ripe age of 110 years. Irene Carlos achieved this status in January of this year and celebrated her “super birthday” in grand style with many local government officials in attendance.
Dame Louise Lake-Tack, Governor General of Antigua and Barbuda and representative of Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth was on hand to congratulate Irene Carlos. The Governor also announced plans to rename some of the local streets in A & B in honor of the nation’s centenarians.
At the last count, the destination had 18 living centenarians – 16 women and 2 men. “Life expectancy rates in A & B do not appear to be significantly higher than other Caribbean countries, but the number of centenarians in a population of less than 100,000 is quite impressive”, says local physician, Sir Prince Ramsey. “The results also show significantly better survival rates among women than men, pointing to better health outcomes among women.”
Sally Davis feels honored to celebrate this Mother’s Day with her grandmother Lady Evelyn Davis, who recently turned 106. The former school teacher is still in fairly good health, is very cognitive, somewhat mobile and is cared for by her children, family and friends. Deeply religious, she reads her bible every day and also the local newspaper. Her philosophy is.” nothing is greater than God!”
Sally, the oldest of 11 grandchildren, describes her grandmother as easy going with a simple daily routine. Lady Davis takes a shot of brandy every day, is never indulgent -- she eats well but in moderation, never going for seconds. It’s all about freshness. She believes is eating fresh produce and fresh meat. Lady Davis still enjoys eating “rice pudding,” a local delicacy prepared especially for her every Saturday.
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