Expression of Appreciation by National Office of Disaster Services (NODS)
Posted On: September 2, 2015
The National Office of Disaster Services (NODS) is expressing appreciation to all those who played a role in disaster management efforts for Tropical Storms Danny and Erika. Director of NODS Philmore Mullin says he wants to especially single out the 17 District Disaster Coordinators and urges them to continue to be vigilant since the hurricane season is not yet over. Special mention must also be made of the Telecommunications providers - APUA, LIME and Digicel, who assisted with transmitting preparedness information via text messages. Mullin thanks those members of the public who were patient and heeded the various warnings and instructions from the relevant authorities. For those who di... {Read More}
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OECS Climate Fest gets underway on Sunday
Posted On: September 2, 2015
The Botanical Gardens in the vicinity of the East Bus Station will be buzzing with activities on Sunday at 3pm when the OECS Climate Fest gets underway. The atmosphere will be transformed with a sple... {Read More}
Dominica Disaster Relief
Posted On: September 1, 2015
Following an appeal from Hubert Winston, President of the Dominica Marine Association, for aid and assistance relief following the devastation caused by Tropical Storm Erika, the Antigua Yacht Club ha... {Read More}
Department of Youth Affairs Seeks Exhibitors for Annual Youth Exhibition
Posted On: September 1, 2015
The Department of Youth Affairs is seeking talented young entrepreneurs 35 years of age and under to provide exhibits and demonstrations at the Annual National Youth Exhibition and Health Expo, which ... {Read More}
Application Procedures for Birth, Death, Adoption and Marriage Certificates and for an Apostille Certificate
Posted On: August 31, 2015
This publication provides information on the application procedures for birth, death, adoption and marriage certificates and for an Apostille of a certificate.... {Read More}
Guadeloupe waives visa requirement for travellers to Dominica
Posted On: August 31, 2015
ST. JOHN’S, Antigua, August 30, 2015 – The authorities in Guadeloupe have advised that they have waived the visa requirement for travellers entering the country in order to take a ferry to... {Read More}
OECS Commission mobilizing regional and global support to ease Dominica's Crises
Posted On: August 28, 2015
OECS Commission 27/08/15 ---- The OECS Commission is mobilizing regional and international support to reduce Dominica’s plight as that country rebuilds after floods devastated the island costin... {Read More}
WHCA31 TAPA: Tropical storm Erika warning statement Antigua and Barbuda meteorological services
Posted On: August 26, 2015
Erika continues westward toward the Leeward Islands. A tropical warning remains in effect for the Leeward Islands and the British Virgin Islands. A tropical storm warning means that tropical storm co... {Read More}
Tropical Storm Erika - Advisory # 1
Posted On: August 26, 2015
Thispublicationprovides information on the current Schedule for LIAT because of Tropical Storm Erika.... {Read More}
CARIFORUM access for Caribbean Employers' and Workers' Groups
Posted On: August 17, 2015
ILO News | 17 Aug 2015 – Over the next two weeks, representatives from employers’ and workers’ organizations in Haiti, Jamaica, Belize, and Bahamas will have the opportunity to share... {Read More}
WHCA31 TAPA: Tropical Storm Erika Watch Statement for Antigua And Barbuda Meteorological Services
Posted On: August 26, 2015
Poorly organized Erika continues toward the Leeward Islands. A tropical storm watch remains in effect for all islands except Anguilla, for which a tropical storm warning is issued. A tropical storm w... {Read More}
WHCA31 TAPA Tropical Storm Erika Watch Statement for Antigua And Barbuda
Posted On: August 25, 2015
Tropical Storm Erika moving quickly toward the Islands. A Tropical Storm Watch is now in effect for the Leeward Islands. A Tropical Storm watch means that Tropical Storm conditions are possible withi... {Read More}